After completing the information below, please send your resume and any appropriate documents to 
RacineScouts@gmail.com for consideration.

 A couple of points to consider before applying:

  • All staff positions are low wage positions.  Racine Scouts is under a strict growth plan, and while we can’t pay our staff a fortune, we do want to make being a member of our staff a valuable experience.
  • Recruiting is vital to the success of this drum corps. All staff members are expected to help recruit volunteers and members.
  • Racine Scouts will give special preference to hiring staff members who are located in the  Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois area.
  • Racine Scouts will give preference to Programs in the Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois area, but will recruit from other nearby areas to increase membership.
  • All positions are considered open. Once Designers & Caption Supervisors are selected (goal of Oct.1),  other applicants will be contacted about tech openings.
  • We will contract enough staff to accommodate summer band schedules and other holes in the schedule.  Techs/Consultants may be contracted for a few rehearsals up to the entire summer.

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