April 3, 2017
March 18, 2017

Greetings Racine Scouts Family and Followers!

There has been a great deal of challenges during this off season. The challenges continue to be overcome with new ones waiting, something I’m starting to learn is the nature of the beast.

Upon planning for this upcoming season, I made a resolution for the drum corps that I would like to see accomplished this season. I want to ensure that the education and experience for members is the best that we could possibly provide. This will be accomplished through quality instruction paralleled with constant motivation to embrace the challenge and conquer the impossible. We will guide them through this process and give them the tools that they will use for the rest of their lives.

We are not just training musicians and athletes, we are training leaders. I consistently encourage my instructional staff to look past the mechanics of Drum Corps and into the hearts and minds of each member. Similar to teaching young people to drive, Drum corps serves as the vehicle and the members the driver. For five weeks it will become our responsibility to teach our members the rules and regulations of not only Drum Corps, but life.

As far as programming and appeal to the public, we will continue to prioritize Entertainment over placement and score. We will set out to be innovative and do things that haven’t been done before but never lose sight of who we are really performing for.  For the 2017 season, we will become a performing ensemble of Mid-American  Competing Band Directors Association (MACBDA). The MACBDA competition season begins in mid June and includes 15 events across Illinois, Wisconsin, and Traverse City, Michigan, for the Cherryland Band Classic during Traverse City’s annual National Cherry Festival.

As of now we have a exciting 5 week tour planned that includes 26 field and parade performances  accumulating at the 2017 MACBDA Championships  which will be held in Whitewater at the Perkins Stadium. This opportunity allows the drum corps  to focus on developing local relations and support while building a solid home base of member and volunteers in Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois.

In addition to participating in MACBDA field shows this summer, we will also perform in local Drum Corps International shows alongside some of the greatest drum and bugle corps in the world. This will allow the Racine Scouts to continue to redevelop and grow at a comfortable steady pace without the added pressures  of competition all while being in the mix of greatness.

Our recruiting process is ongoing and we’re looking for members in all sections. While we’ve reduced the summer tuition to $1,200 for the 5 week tour, there are scholarships available to families in need. We want to be sure that the activity is available to all young people.

I hope this update has everyone excited about this upcoming season. We’re working hard to rebuild our organization and hope many of you would joining us for what will be a memorable journey. Stay tuned for more updates on the summer tour schedule and more opportunities to rehearse with the drum corps this off season. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me directly and I’ll be sure to provide any information available.

Bobby Bonslater
Ensemble Director

September 2016


The Racine Scouts are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with the Athletic Bands of William Penn University of Oskaloosa, Iowa. The administration visited the campus this week to meet with the Director of Athletic Bands, Terry DeJong to discuss details including community involvement and growth of both programs. Students of William Penn University interested in drum corps will have scholarships available to them to participate with the corps as a marching members or intern on the instructional staff. High School students interested in an affordable quality college experience may be awarded scholarships for participation in WPU Athletic Bands.

This partnership will allow for the drum corps to host winter camps and Spring training at the Former Vennard Campus in University Park/Oskaloosa. This arrangement offers an opportunity for the instructional staff and members to properly prepare for our six-week tour within Drum Corps International’s Summer Music Games.
While the corps will move winter and spring rehearsals to Iowa, we will continue to operate, fundraise and expand on community relations in Racine, Wisconsin. For the upcoming season, the administration anticipates 60-75 marching members for the 2017 season lead by the finest educators in the Midwest.

Comments from WPU Athletic Bands Director, Terry DeJong:
“I am very pleased to see this partnership develop with the Racine Scouts to benefit both of our programs. They’ve got such a long history, now 89 years old and it’s our privilege to help them with changes to continue their future and become part of our community and with us becoming part of their history. With this partnership, they will also offer great benefits to WPU with our Athletic Bands and further educational opportunities for our Music Ed majors to better prepare the students for running their own programs in the preparation, business and travel areas. With the corps’ student involvement and internship/scholarship opportunities, this adds another unique offering with our program that other universities in Iowa do not offer”.
Our Facilities at William Penn University:

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