Membership Fees


Comprehensive Tour Fee The comprehensive tour fee covers nearly all costs associated with the tour during the summer, including all room and board, all meals (except for free days and laundry), thousands miles of travel, and hundreds of hours of quality instruction.

The operation of a touring drum corps is very expensive. The equipment (brass, percussion, and guard) and the fleet of vehicles are just a few of the most expensive items. The cost of housing, instruction, touring and uniforms also increase costs. The amount that the Racine Scouts charges its members covers a very small portion of the actual cost of running a touring drum corps.

The 2017 tour fee will $1,200. Roughly $240 dollars foreach week of tour.

Extras The corps will provide every meal, except on 'free days,' which typically happen two to three times during the summer tour. Typically on free days members have the option of going to a mall or a movie theater, or they may have the opportunity to see a local monument, or do something cool that you can only do in the area.

Members also pay for their own laundry (usually $5-$10 per visit, with one visit every 14-18 days) and occasional runs to Wal-Mart to pick up incidentals. The amount of extra money required for these sorts of things varies from person to person. $150 to $400 is a good rule of thumb; some have done it with less, some spend much more.

Please plan to pay off your Membership Fees as soon as possible after receiving a membership contract. 


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